Aeronom offers DIDW Cabinet Exhaust Fan. The fan shall be cabinet type, which shall have a Straight drive double inlet centrifugal fan installed inside a cabinet. The wheel shall be constructed of galvanized steel. Housing shall be constructed of pre coated sheet with puff insulated. The wall thickness shall be adequate to reduce vibration and noise.

Centralized Air condition

Liftwell and stairwell Pressurization

Kitchen Ventilation and exhaust

Double skin Air washer unit (Cooling Pad Type)

We are one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Air Washer and provide complete Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Air washer Unit or Plant.

Double Skin Air Washers by Aeronom are designed to enhance the insulation property of the equipment providing a cooler flow of air. These are specifically are designed on lower wet bulb temperatures offering much higher efficiency when it comes to operating during the days of outside temperature more than 45 degree Celsius.

Aeronom Air washers are highly durable and strong and are available in Delhi (NCR), and many other states of India.


  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Rice Mill
  • Textile Industries
  • Dairy Plant
  • Chemical Industries
  • Cement Industries
  • Healthcare Industries
  • Shopping Mall

Commercial Kitchens

Evaporative Cooler/Ductable cooler / Industrial Air Cooler

Aeronom is a leading Manufacturer of Cooling & Ventilation Systems which are Economical to Run and Ecologically Friendly and Hence the Name AERONOM COOLER. One of our services also includes Industrial Ductable Coolers.