Axial Flow Fan

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AERONOM Tube Axial flow fan are designed for spot cooling, Industrial Ventilation, Air conditioning and fume exhaust with unique design of adjustable Pitch Impeller.


Casing if fabricated from mild steel sheets and flange on the both side is formed with the help of flange forming machine. The impeller of fan is made of aluminum and dynamically balanced.

DRIVE TYPE: 1 ) Direct Drive    2) Belt Drive

Motor: Standard TEFC 2 Pole, 4 Pole & 6 Pole motor, IP 55 Protection both F Class & H Class as per the application.

Extra Accessories:

  • 1) Gravity Louver
  • 2) Bird Mesh
  • 3) Cowl
  • 4) AVM Pad
  • 5) DOL Stater
  • 6) Terminal Box


Aeronoms Axial Fans are high efficiency axial fans which are used wherever large air volumes must be conveyed against low up to
medium pressure. High efficiency axial fans with square inlet cone are used for ventilating restaurants, gymnasiums, conference rooms,
workshops, ware-houses, swimming pools and greenhouses. High efficiency axial fans with double flange ring are used in duct systems for air conditioning, cooling and drying applications.



Impeller Dia:- up to 1600 MM

Air Flow:- 40,000 CFM

Pressure:- 50 Pa to 500 Pa

Motor :- 0.25 Hp to 25 hp

RPM:- 2800,1400,960 As per selection


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