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A Kitchen scrubber is a smaller and more compact size of the
industrial scrubber specifically designed for restaurants and hotels where the volume of pollution is low and limited to particulate matter, oil odor and mist.

Our Kitchen scrubber works on the principle of electrostatic precipitator, ESP, where the particulate matters along with oil and mist are charged and trapped in filter cell delivering smoke free exhaust.

Our kitchen scrubbers are available in different capacities in manual and auto cleaning models.


  • Better work environment
  • Odor free environment
  • Pollution free emissions


Wet Scrubber Unit

A Scrubber Unit is an air pollution control device that utilizes some form of liquid to remove particulate matter or gases from an industrial exhaust or flue gas stream. Aeronom supplies special scrubber units and these can be bought at a very cheap and effective price. The atomized liquid (typically water) that is there inside the unit will trap the particles and pollutant gases in order to effectively wash them out of the gas flow.

While comparing it to other air pollution control devices, we will recommend the scrubber unit which is provided by us because they are very multidisciplinary and have the ability to remove solids, mists, and gases simultaneously while also providing cooling. They can also handle explosive and flammable gases safely.

Here are some of its salient features:

  • Unique Speed control toggle
  • The variable-speed produces an impressive peak airflow rating of 200 cfm to more than 600 cfm, yet draws only 2.5 amps or less.
  • It can be easily hand-carried via the top handle, or stacked two or three high on a 2-wheel hand truck.
  • The GFCI-protected duplex receptacle allows multiple units to be daisy-chained on one 15-amp outlet and make the work much more effective and easy.


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