Aeronom offers DIDW Cabinet Exhaust Fan. The fan shall be cabinet type, which shall have a Straight drive double inlet centrifugal fan installed inside a cabinet. The wheel shall be constructed of galvanized steel. Housing shall be constructed of pre coated sheet with puff insulated. The wall thickness shall be adequate to reduce vibration and noise.

Industrial Ventilation and exhaust

Liftwell and stairwell Pressurization

Kitchen Ventilation and exhaust

Hotel Ventilation System

Hotel Ventilation System

The need of building occupants for ventilation has been recognized many centuries ago; however, since the early 1970s, ventilation systems for buildings and transport systems have considerably evolved. This was invigorated by researchers who demonstrated the requirements for buildings to provide comfort and good air quality indoors (e.g., Fanger, 1972; Fanger and Christensen, 1986; Fanger, 1988; European Collaborative Action, 1992). Later on, this need evolved to address the additional energy requirement for buildings to achieve the indoor environment quality levels stipulated by those previous researchers (Awbi, 2003, 2007; Karimipanah et al., 2007, 2008).